Supporting good people through effective management processes

Effective Management

     "We're only as good as our people"


   How often have you heard that phrase?


But how often do we observe "good people" performing below their best? Many initiatives are dragged over the line by the heroics of one or more individuals. But as heroes, we can be our own worst enemy - covering over the waste and deficiencies that often creep into management practices as business demands evolve over time.


Derg Mentoring Services aims to expose waste and support your work through targeted advice and structured training. Our general services focus on standard project management practices applied across industries. We also offer a more specific treatment of software engineering processes including lean software development as well as traditional predictive approaches.

Enterprise Ireland approved consultancy

If you are an Irish SME, you may qualify for financial support for your enterprise improvement initiative



Dr. Michael Lane PhD

Combining over 20 years of international management experience with a proven academic focus on project management enables Mike to provide considered and innovative solutions to support both traditional and lean project management approaches. 


Leveraging industrial & academic experience to apply current management research in the context of real-world complexity.


Provision of standard training courses on both general project management and lean software development approaches. Courses range from introductory concepts through to specialized techniques and accreditations.​


Customized training solutions and consultancy support on project management and software engineering management  are also offered.