Need help with that tricky project?
Establish clean project governance

We can assist you to put structure on your program and project management environment. Our support may range from helping you to establish a Project Management Office (PMO) to mentoring on core governance issues such as

 - project alignment,

 - clarification of roles and responsibilities,

 - change management and effective communication structures.

Are you grappling with a particularly tough project? Sometimes defined as "non-standard projects", many of us have had to deal with projects that seem to take on a life of their own.


We can help you apply ANSI standard project management practices, tools and techniques to overcome the challenges associated with these endeavours.

Whether you are transitioning to an agile development approach or wishing to improve your application of agile techniques, we can help to review your application of the Scrum management framework or various eXtreme Programming (XP) practices to determine and mentor improvements.


Leveraging distributed software development teams is a modern approach that is widely adopted. We can help to highlight and identify current and potential challenges to GSD in order to ensure that your application of this approach is as effective as possible.

Agile Software Development (ASD)
Global Software Development (GSD)

Consultancy and Mentoring


Derg offers a variety of consulting and mentoring services that encompass both general project management support and insights related to software development methods and paradigms.

Lean Software Development (LSD)
Software Process Improvement (SPI)

The application of lean concepts to software development has been gaining increasing attention as of late. Having conducted in-depth research into this area, we are ideally positioned to mentor you on lean values and how they can be brought to bear on your software development efforts.

Sami Zahran stated that "the quality of a product is dependent upon the quality fo the process used to build it".  Whether employing traditional predictive (waterfall) or adaptive (agile) software development approaches, clear effective process thinking can support the quality of your work. We can review your processes and recommend improvements including the adoption of "shift-left" thinking to support the quality concept of "prevention over inspection".