Our standard training courses cover both general project management considerations and certain software engineering topics. 


Theory introduced in all courses is reinforced through practical exercises to ensure the applied nature of project management is put to the fore at all times.

General Project Management
Introductory - Predictive project management


 - Understanding projects and project management

 - Distinguish between project success and failure 

 - Core techniques to apply in most projects


Intermediate - Generally accepted PM practices


 - Clear explanations of generally accepted PM practices as

   identified in the ANSI standard PMBOK(c)

 - Practical case studies used to apply tools and techniques in

   order to reinforce theoretical understanding



 - Specialized courses on scheduing, cost management, risk


 - Preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP)

Derg Mentoring Services can also meet with you and build a customized course on these subjects to suit your specific work environment.
Software Development
Introductory - Adaptive project management


 - Introduction to Agile Software Development (ASD)

 - Core concepts of Lean Software Development (LSD) 



Intermediate - Focus on specific methods


 - Adaptive Project Management - Understanding SCRUM

 - Understanding eXtreme Programming (XP)





 - Specialized courses on lean and agile practices using


 - Global software development

 - Outsourcing software development projects

 - Preparation for the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)